The Placer Performance Calendar



What Is "The Placer Performance Calendar"?

First, an introduction.  My name is Dick Frantzreb, and along with publishing The Placer Performance Calendar and the Sacramento Choral Calendar, I am the President of the Sacramento Valley Choral Coalition.  I have long felt that performing arts events are severely under-publicized in South Placer County, and I've attended many excellent productions of small (or even large) organizations that received minimal or no publicity, and had small audiences as a consequence.  It seemed such a pity.

To remedy this problem, I launched The Placer Performance Calendar on September 4, 2009.  My intention was to cover all the performing arts events in South Placer County and nearby Folsom, with detailed information about each performance and its sponsor.  Then in 2012 I started adding reviews of as many shows and concerts as I and a couple of fellow reviewers could cover.

By the summer of 2016, I realized that the extensive coverage of performing arts in the geographical area of the Calendar plus reviews was more than I could manage.  So I announced the termination of the Calendar in July, effective August 31.

The only problem was that I had been relying on the Calendar to know what was going on with my many favorite arts organizations.  How would I know what was coming up?  So I decided to reconstitute the Calendar, almost as a personal resource:  less detailed information, no reviews, and coverage only of a core of especially active local arts organizations.  Oh sure, if you want publicity for your event, and you send me the information, I'll add it.

So the Placer Performance Calendar is now my personal reference of upcoming performing arts events.  But you're welcoming to check it now and then, too.  You're welcome.