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Title Sex please, we're sixty!
Organization Sutter Street Theatre
Date(s) of show April 11 - May 3, 2015
Reviewer Georgi Desmond
Review In the tradition of shortening titles, apparently the cast members of this show always referred to it as“Sex,” as when in rehearsal they would say, for instance, “Tuesday night we’ll be in the main theater for “Sex.”  So…it was fun even before it opened.

A medium-sized but very enthusiastic crowd saw this show open on Saturday night and, to their credit, overlooked a few opening night glitches and really enjoyed themselves. The show is a farce no doubt about it.  It Is truly funny, and the audience laughed and giggled and guffawed.

The cast is truly a veteran one, featuring two couples well known to community theatre audiences and two singles, also well known to regular Sutter Street (and other) theaters.  Connie Mockenhaupt is the proprietess of the bed and breakfast where this romp takes place, and her suitor is Mike Jimena. Most of you know this, but Mike and Connie are the couple who are responsible for the Sutter Street Theatre and much more. Eileen Beaver and Jon Beaver (you guessed it – a married couple) are two of the characters, one a neighbor to, and the other a guest at the bed and breakfast. Peggy Huntsman and Hazel Johnson are two single ladies, vacationing at the B and B.

Each one of these roles shows a side of the actors in question that is not quite like the norm for them. This reviewer recently said, of Mike Jimena, “You’ve never seen him like this.” Well, it’s happened again. You have never seen him like THIS, often tender, often wistful, very ingenuous. Connie is her often subtle self in this role, but she changes her stripes, as the show progresses, and does so in a believable way. You will find yourself mentally cheering her on. Eileen will never be type-cast because in every role she does, she completely becomes her character…so I lied. She did do what she usually does and that is to be unusual. Jon is often an old blustering man. In this show he is a sex symbol!!! (Just wait you’ll see.) Peggy proves to the world that you don’t have to be an ingénue to be sexy really sexy. Hazel usually plays sweet old ladies or mean old ladies. She’s not exactly either of those in this show.

You will find how all these things work together. So be ready to be surprised, amused, and entertained.

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