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Title Disney's The Aristocats KIDS
Organization Sutter Street Theatre
Date(s) of show March 28 - May 3, 2015
Reviewer Georgi Desmond

A big bunch  of cats stole the hearts of the patrons of the Sutter Street Theatre on Saturday afternoon.

Aristocats opened there with a big jazzy whoosh and kept up the pace from start to finish.  Besides those due the cast,  kudos go to the face painters.  Those cats and dogs, etc.  were made-up par marvelous.  Another thing that arrested one’s attention was the costuming.  As usual, Eileen Beaver distinguished herself as one of the premier costumers in the business.

In her opening notes, the director, Alison Gilbreath, says, “Some of my first memories were being driven to school and listening to the wonderful sounds of jazz my late father would play in the car.  I didn’t understand what jazz was at the time.  I just knew it evoked a very special, uplifting feeling in me and still does to this day.”

It will for you, too guaranteed.

Reviewers always say this and this one must that it isn’t possible to mention every member of the cast.  There are 20 of them.  So know, all of you in the cast, that you are deserving, and the following people are being mentioned only because that’s how it works.

Jennie Vaccaro (Madame) was the properly mature and kind-hearted owner of those cats who actually had an owner.  She was totally believable.  (See whether you believe her bio).

Hannah Hurst (Duchess, Alley Cat) gave what it’s tempting to call her “usual stunning performance,” but it wasn’t “usual.”  She managed to be a lissome and somewhat beguiling cat as opposed to, for instance, a sweet little girl.

Amanda P. Ramos (Thomas O’Malley) took one’s breath away as a totally cool jazz cat.  She sings well, moves well, understands her character’s….well, character, and seems to love the audience.  Be sure to read her bio.  It’s a singular exPURRience.

You may be intimidated by Hayden Namgostar  (Edgar).  He has the honor of being the baddest of the bad guys and he’s up for it.

Cassie Hamilton (Duchess, Alley Cat) is a properly demure and beautiful Duchess, and the audience is entirely supportive of her attempt to be a good parent.

So, imagine 15 plus (as you can see some cast members play two parts) more provocative roles, done to a “T” and you will have the flavor of the production. (Catnip?)

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