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Title Seussical
Organization Stand Out Talent
Date(s) of show August 24 - September 9, 2012
Reviewer Dick Frantzreb
Review It starts with a cute story line that combines Dr. Seussí most popular fables into a single plot, with clever dialog that incorporates a lot of his rhymes. Then thereís an engaging musical score that gets toes tapping. But what really creates the magic in this production is the energy of the cast: if you could harness it, it would light a city. Every character brims with personality, starting with Cat-in-a-Hat, played to zany perfection by Chelsea Fitzsimmons. But Iím not going to start enumerating these young actors, so many of whom gave over-the-top performances in their fanciful roles, delighting the opening night audience. And when the stage was filled with all 26 players in their bright and fanciful costumes, dancing and singing, it made quite a sensation. The singing itself was solid throughout, but I have to single out Sam Bank as Sour Kangaroo, whose big, stylized voice from that small body was one of the highlights of the evening. The choreography was also a big factor in making this show come alive: it seemed that the actors were always in motion in a diverse repertoire of dance moves. By my estimation the cast ranged in age from about 3 to the 30s (?), but the youngest members of the cast were cute enough to bring tears to the eyes of a sentimental adult. Throughout last night's performance, there were so many delightful touches in staging that demonstrated the creativity of the two professionals behind this production, Jennifer and Jason Bortz. They have put together a show that canít help but delight the whole family.

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