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Title 13, the Musical
Organization Stand Out Talent
Date(s) of show April 19-28, 2013
Reviewer Dick Frantzreb
Review I have seen this show 4 times in the past few years. So why would I go to Stand Out Talent’s production of 13, The Musical? Because Director/Choreographer Jennifer Bortz works a special magic with young performers, and true to my expectations, this was the best of all the productions I have seen. For a start, it’s a wonderfully fun show with lots of toe-tapping musical numbers, as well as those which are touching in their humanity – all supported by an excellent 4-piece instrumental ensemble. And within the context of the genuine angst that so often accompanies the transition into adolescence, the show is full of humor that kept me and my fellow audience members laughing throughout. But it’s the special touches that set a production like this apart, starting with the energetic, creative, and even funny choreography, but including the many subtle touches that are part of the director’s art and that delight the audience in surprising ways.

The cast is a large one – 21 kids altogether – and most of them, including especially the leads, looked like they really could be about 13 years old. Predictably, most of the voices were not fully developed, but there were some excellent solos, and the ensemble singing was outstanding. It was the acting, though, that really put this show over the top, and I thought Jake Young was just about perfect in the lead role of Evan Goldman. But the other young leads did well, too, and made all the uncomfortable – and typically funny – situations quite believable. But I think my dominant lasting impression is the tremendous energy of these young performers, which was so evident in their group numbers. That’s the special virtue of the Tower Theatre: you have the option of being very close to the performers, and the good time they were obviously having, singing and dancing for us, was simply infectious. There’s not much time to catch this show, but if you’re reading this early enough that you have the opportunity, I’d urge you not to miss it. Old or young, I guarantee you’ll have fun.

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