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Title 13, the Musical
Organization Stand Out Talent
Date(s) of show March 11-26, 2016
Reviewer Letha Dawson
Review 13, the Musical, on stage now at the Tower Theatre, on Vernon Street, in downtown Roseville for the next couple of weekends, until March 26th, is such a fun, fast-moving show. It’s packed with energy, singing and dancing. When a young Jewish boy is moved from New York City to rural Indiana due to his parents’ divorce, he and his new school mates have a lot of adjustments to make. To start with, when Evan invites his new school mates to his Bar Mitzvah, they have no idea what a Bar Mitzvah is. But hormones are surging and everyone’s yearning for a party and that first kiss. For the hilarious outcome, you’ll want to see this show. The cast packs the show with teenage-crazy energy, supported by a terrific musical score, performed live on stage. Bryson Holmes, as Archie, the geek on crutches, will have you laughing all night. Carly Plagman as Lucy, an evil, conniving friend, will grab your attention with her outstanding vocals. Stewart Wilson, as Brett, had the audience doubled-over again and again, first as he found enough courage to kiss his dream girl, Kendra, played by Aliza Ilano, and later when he tried to write notes on his arm as to how get back in her arms convincingly and romantically. Brett and his boy-backup singers: Miles Robinson, as Eddie; Joey Carlsen as Malcolm; Christian Roberts, as Richie; and Oliver Schulze as Simon, sway and croon with a stage-presence of old pros. Those boys harmonize the sound of Motown (Detroit) and sway like lovers. What a sweet performance Clarity Bortz, as Patrice, and Aaron Cain, as Evan, deliver as two kids who don’t quite fit in, but find a fit with each other. Nick Valdez, music director, brings the music of Tony Award-winning composer, Jason Robert Brown, with full vitality and drive. Last, but first in all ways, hats off to Jennifer Bortz, director and so much morea real pro who has put together a terrific show.

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