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Title Schoolhouse Rock Live!
Organization Roseville Theatre Arts Academy
Date(s) of show January 19 - February 9, 2013
Reviewer Dick Frantzreb
Review If you were a child watching TV on Saturday morning between 1973 and 1985 – or looking over your children’s shoulders – you remember those wonderful educational songs with cute animation called “Schoolhouse Rock.” They’ve been revived and expanded in many ways since then, and one of the best send-ups is the stage show, “Schoolhouse Rock Live!” which has now come to Roseville courtesy of the Roseville Theatre Arts Academy. It’s a high-energy, hour-long show that features 13 of the iconic songs, in a loosely woven plot – and it’s a total delight.

The 6 performers sing and dance and clown through the numbers, with constant movement that goes beyond the organized choreography. The songs are accompanied by piano and drum, and the singing – even with some harmony – is quite good. And to spice things up even further, there is a constant flow of props and sight gags. Hearing the very young children in the audience laughing at the broad comedy, I could tell that they were engaged throughout, even though a lot of what was presented could appeal only to adults and older children. But appeal it did: I don’t think I stopped smiling –or tapping my foot – throughout the whole hour-long performance. Clearly this wonderfully creative show works with all age groups, and I understand that 4,000 schoolchildren have been booked to see it during its 3-week run. The weekend matinees present a special opportunity, not to be missed. In fact, with all the other shows I want to take in, I’m thinking about seeing this again – just because it is so much fun.

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