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Title Once Upon a Mattress
Organization Rocklin Community Theatre
Date(s) of show September 26 - October 5, 2014
Reviewer Letha Dawson

(An adaptation for pre-high school students)  This charming musical production tells of a young prince who wishes to marry a princess.  His over-bearing mother, the Queen, is quite emphatic when she insists she must find a real princess for her son.  The Queen devises tests which the beautiful young princesses must pass in order to be eligible to marry her son.  Of course, the queen makes the tests impossible to pass—almost. 

Megan Canchola, as Winnifred, sings beautifully, dances with acrobatic vitality, and is determined to pass the Queen mother’s test.  Olivia Moffat, as the Queen, bosses and yells commandingly, and sings with a clear, strong voice.  Dauntless, the hapless prince, played by Carson Sloan, dances and sings to everyone’s delight, and finally stands up to his mother!

Jester, Phoebe Mastro and Minstrel, Evan Tiegland, in their perfect costumes, sing their parts charmingly with personality.  Brooke Blatnick, the Wizard, is daring and impish, as good Wizards should be.  Sir Harry, Mason Santa Catalina, is strong as the knight in shining armor, yet tender with Lady Larken, Claire Quillen, the fair maiden he loves. 

The costumes and sets were all of the stuff of kings and queens, but special mention must be made of the mattresses, for after all, the play is “Once Upon a Mattress.”  Rick Moffat, Set Construction, made this breath-taking scene such fun. Without giving away what happens on the mattresses, let me tell you the mattresses reach the ceiling!  Yet, the heartless Queen orders Princess Winnifred, Megan Canchola, to climb up and sleep! 

“Once Upon a Mattress,” is delightful from start to finish.  There are two different casts for this show.   Some of the actors are in both shows.  Given the talent of the director, Josh Harper, and Vocal Director, Jessica Conley-Magee, which ever cast makes this show sing, it will be another entertaining time at the Rocklin Community Theatre.

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