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Title The Music Man
Organization Rocklin Community Theatre
Date(s) of show December 6-22, 2013
Reviewer Letha Dawson
Review Better than the Macy’s parade, The Music Man at the Rocklin Community Theatre will have you rocking in your seat and raising your arm to lead the band. Composer, Meredith Willson’s score infects your bones and paints a smile on your face that lasts, thanks to the show’s live orchestra of ten musicians led by Peter Kagstrom. Theirs is a sound to keep you humming all the way home.  

The casting, costumes, and choreography – are perfect. Take your seat and be transported back to Iowa, 1912, to see the townsfolk transformed into River City’s Marching Band. Star of the show, the handsome Ryan Adame, con-man and traveling salesman, sings in a rich baritone, dances with importance and confidence as any con-man should, and falls in love with the irresistible Marion, the librarian, so sincerely, you never doubt a word he’s singing. Marian, Madam Librarian, played by Alyssa Ray, radiates beauty, intelligence, kindness and grace, as she beautifully lifts her voice in “Goodnight, My Someone,” and “Till There Was You.” Alyssa Ray floats on the high notes! You’ve got to hear her to feel the chills running up your arms as she sings.

Everyone in this cast is outstanding. Marian’s Irish mother, Lori Thomson, and Marian’s little brother who lisps, Evan Teigland (for this show), will steal your heart.  

Not only are the show’s stars, Ryan Adame and Alyssa Ray, terrific vocalists, but so are the men in the school board quartet, Georgio Selvaggio, Ken Duisenberg, Byron Roope, and Nick Lunetta. And the Pickalittle Ladies will delight and amuse.   

There are too many talented teens and adults to name each one, but every singer and dancer in this Rocklin Community Theatre production of The Music Man is outstanding.  

This show was brought to life by the very talented Gina Threshie, Costume Designer; Christian Savage, Sound & Lighting Designer; and Laura Gailey, Stage Manager. Other talent you don’t see on stage, but who make the whole production as thrilling as it is, who make this show grand, are—Choreographer, Cassie March; Musical Director, Peter Kagstrom, and Director, Jill Page. The Music Man’s merriment dazzles and captivates.

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