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Title Disney's The Little Mermaid Jr.
Organization Rocklin Community Theatre
Date(s) of show January 11-20, 2013
Reviewer Dick Frantzreb
Review This is a reprise of a show that Rocklin Community Theatre ran last spring to sold-out audiences, and I know why. It’s a delightful send-up of one of Disney’s best, with a lot of good music and an engaging fairy-tale plot. My first thought was that the amazing costumes must have been rented, but I see from the program that an army of people are devoted to costuming, so they must be original and if that’s the case, their efforts should garner awards: the costumes were just stunning. That’s not to demean the skills of the young performers. I saw the Seashell cast, and I was struck with the strong, clear voices of all the principals. The acting was uneven, but Marlize Dizon sparkled as Ariel, Jake Young had leading-man charisma as Prince Eric, Angie Reed was wickedly good as Ursula the Sea Witch, and Emily Masnica played Sebastian brilliantly, especially in his two big numbers, “Under the Sea” and “Kiss the Girl.” It was also great fun to watch the Mersisters have fun in their appearances: they rocked every time they were on stage. And not only theirs, but all the choreography was entertaining. I took special note of the audio, which made the songs and dialog crystal clear, something you can’t say for many local productions. This whole ensemble performed beautifully in a show that any family should love.

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