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Title Calendar Girls
Organization Quest Theaterworks
Date(s) of show April 24-May 10, 2015
Reviewer Letha Dawson

If you’re looking for some hilarious entertainment, the State Theatre in Auburn is the place to be this weekend and next.  Who would expect burlesque in downtown Auburn?  But burlesque is what you’ll see, clean, family-friendly, but burlesque nonetheless.  You ask how can clean and burlesque occupy the same stage?  Go and find out.  They’ll be undressing on stage through May 10th.

Be prepared for British accents, for the actors in this local production of the British comedy, Calendar Girls, by Tim Firth, do their best to imitate the intonations of Brits, so much so that some of the dialogue will fly past incomprehensible to American ears.  Bits of dialogue refer to Marks and Spencer and Tesco, both large food stores in Britain.   Body language makes up for any auditory loss.

The six “calendar girls,” Rene Sprattling, Lois Ewing, Patti Baker, Corinne Gelfan, Kristine Alcamo, and Diane Dean-Epps, once persuaded they need to pose to raise money for a good cause,  disrobe with the shyness and embarrassment of upright British women, yet the tantalizing determination of show girls. 

Calendar Girls keeps the audience laughing thanks to the direction of Judy Blake.  Sharon Sciabaca, costume designer, enhanced the delight with the use of a tea cup and tea pot, a sack of raw sugar and a jar of orange marmalade as props (no pun intended).  A silky rendition of “Stormy Weather” sung by an angel with wings on her back, Kristine Alcamo, expressed one of several poignant messages in this play.    

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