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Title Lend Me a Tenor
Organization Placer Community Theater
Date(s) of show February 4 - March 1, 2014
Reviewer Dick Frantzreb
Placer Community Theater’s Lend Me a Tenor is a fun show, and for me, it was full of laughs from beginning to end.  The script for this farce has a lot of built-in humor, but what makes it work is some excellent comic acting.  Much of that comes from PCT regulars, but there is also some new talent in this production – new to PCT, but players with significant experience elsewhere.  Topping that list would be director Chris Harada, who really made a mark in his debut with this company.
The show pulls all the comic levers:  mistaken identity, double-entendre, physical comedy – and strong portrayal of some of the main characters.  Also impressive about this show is the set, which seemed more elaborate than those of past PCT productions and that seemed to fit the action perfectly.  This show has “good time” written all over it.  Lose your worries, get some laughs, and take it in before it closes.

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