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Title Mary Poppins
Organization McLaughlin Theatre Company
Date(s) of show June 5-14, 2015
Reviewer Letha Dawson

Mary Poppins, the musical, is delightful entertainment at the McLaughlin Theatre in Loomis. My three-year-old granddaughter was mesmerized. My eleven-year-old grandson, eyes glued to the stage, never leaned back in his seat. Delighted by songs such as “A Spoon Full of Sugar,” and “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” every child and adult will love Mary Poppins, played by Tamra Rogers, just as the children she’s governess to come to love her. Not only is she beautiful, with a big, bright sweet smile, she sings like an angel. Her voice is clear and enchanting. Jared Capper as Bert will have you listening closely as he invites everyone into his special world of rooftops and chimneys. Lena Eccles and Phoebe Mastro, as Jane and Michael, the children of Mr. and Mrs. Banks, are very convincing and cute. The whole cast, too many to name, are energetic, in character, and charming. A tap-dancing number filled with energy and rhythm is a spectacle to behold. The number and variety of sets in this show astounding, as is the speed with which they are brought on stage and off, transporting the audience to rooftops and parks, a bank, and the children’s bedroom. Nice work by the stage hands. Eye-popping costumes bring to life the sooty chimney sweeps, the bird lady, statues in the park which miraculously come to life and walk around. There’s the marvelous red-lined coat on Mary Poppins, her blue fluorescent hat, thanks to skillful lighting, and the children in their knickers and long dresses. The orchestra, conducted by Greg McLaughlin, is marvelous at setting the moods, stirring excitement, bringing the music of the Sherman brothers to our ears and hearts. This show is directed by Natalie Quilici with assistance and vocal direction by Ashlianna Petretti. What a marvelous show, right in downtown Loomis!

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