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Title Anne of Green Gables
Organization Folsom High School
Date(s) of show October 18-27, 2012
Reviewer Dick Frantzreb
Review Folsom High School’s Theatre Department has staged a theatrical version of Anne of Green Gables, the 1908 novel, since recast as a movie, a musical, and a TV series – among other formats. It’s the story of an orphan girl who goes to live with a middle-aged brother and sister on a farm on Prince Edward Island, and gradually becomes beloved by them and by the community. It’s a charming, heartening story, charmingly presented. I found it to be a breath of clean, fresh, country air in contrast to today's wide array of urbanized, sophisticated, jaded entertainment options. And Folsom High School has given Anne’s story life in this production, suffused with humanity and gentle humor. What particularly impressed me was the high quality of acting from this large cast. There was hardly a case of woodenly delivering one’s lines. Nearly every actor was “in the moment, ”living their part, interacting naturally with each other, and preserving the magic of the unfolding story. Emily Parker’s portrayal of Anne was particularly brilliant, with a consistently high level of energy. At times she seemed almost possessed, and even her intentional overacting was effective. Sets and costumes helped to reinforce the sense of place and time, and the occasional contributions from the off-stage choir were a nice bonus. From beginning to end, this show is a delight, well worth catching one of the remaining performances, if you can.

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