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A word of explanation:  A published review is a documentation of the excellent work of a performing arts organization.  Newspapers rarely print reviews because live, local performing arts are not part of today's mass culture.  But they should be.

In 2010, I started writing reviews of local theatrical productions (and later, concerts) to try to build public awareness of an overlooked local treasure.  By May of 2016, I had to stop adding reviews along with the cut-back of the Placer Performance Calendar:  there was a shortage of reviewers (despite the good work of Letha Dawson, Sally Kallenbach and Gerry Camp), and the pressure of writing them myself and coordinating the review activity became too great. 

Still, I wanted to keep the review database accessible at least while the scaled-back version of the Placer Performance Calendar is still available.  So many of those shows and concerts were too wonderful to let the documentation of them slip into oblivion.

- Dick Frantzreb