The Placer Performance Calendar


The NEW Placer Performance Calendar ― Starting September, 2016

I guess it was mid-August when it struck me that, in a couple of weeks, there would be no more Placer Performance Calendar so how would I know what shows and concerts will be coming up?  I had been relying on the Calendar to keep myself informed, and I felt a mild panic at no longer having that useful information at my fingertips.

I thought about different ways to build a personal calendar, then I realized that I could use the basic format of the old Placer Performance Calendar, and just simplify it:  monitoring 35 organizations instead of 135 and providing only the most basic information.  It could be maintained with 20% of the effort that went into the original Calendar and I'd have the information I needed to personally keep up with local performing arts, and all you out there would have a more complete list than you could get from a newspaper and a less confusing and time-consuming list than is provided by Zoomaru or or the events sites of the Sacramento Bee, Sacramento Magazine, etc.

I think this is an arrangement I can live with.  And I'm glad to be able to continue help you, the site visitor, and the performing arts organizations who will benefit from this publicity.

Dick Frantzreb
August 29, 2016